About Us


At Preaux Wash & Landscape Lighting, our goal is simply to make your home or business look fantastic! As homeowners and a family of six, we understand busy schedules, time constraints, and the demands of today’s family! We also understand the importance of properly maintaining the appearance of your home.

Your neighbors and HOA expect it, and you have the satisfaction and pleasure of enjoying your largest investment when it’s clean and attractive.

Formerly The Go To Crew, we love to clean, so let us assist you in the pursuit of protecting your value, impressing your neighbors, and loving your home again!

Preaux home services include landscape lighting, window cleaning, soft touch house washing, pressure washing, gutter cleaning, and much more. Let us join you in the quest to make your home safe, inviting, and clean!

Contact us today and make your house so clean that people will think that it is new.