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Gutter Cleaning

How often are you cleaning your gutters? Clogged gutters can lead to big problems! Unmanaged, this can become a costly repair to your home. 

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Gutter systems are designed to control the flow of water away from your home, preventing a list of problems. Free standing water and debris filled gutters are a breeding ground for roaches, mosquitos (especially in Baton Rouge), termites, wasps, etc. Using ladders and walking on roofs can also be dangerous if you’re not using the right equipment.

Our Baton Rouge Gutter Cleaning Services

At Preaux Wash, we’ll remove the leaves, bag, and haul them off, taking special care by equipping our ladders with stabilizers which prevent any contact with the gutters. All downspouts will be checked and unclogged to ensure proper drainage. We’ll also detail the property, removing fallen leaves and debris before we leave.

Don’t be left with high repair bills or collapsing gutters, so call us today and ask about our maintenance programs or multi-service discounts to receive even more savings. Preaux Wash offers gutter maintenance programs available for semi-annual or annual cleanings.

One of the best tips for the proper maintenance of the home exterior is clearing the gutter. Proper maintenance of the gutter has a huge impact on the overall state of the home. The gutter is the trough fixed under or along the eaves to catch or carry off rainwater from a roof.

Gutters are also called waterspout or rainspout. For a gutter to be maintained, it should be rid of everything that can clog it. Cleaning out your gutters can be quite easy a chore to procrastinate, but there are a lot of problems that can occur when debris builds up.

If it is something you cannot do, it is probably reasonable to get the professional help that will get it done well. Proper maintenance of the gutter has a huge impact on the overall state of the home, as it is located at the exterior of the home.

Many problems can arise from having clogged gutters that a lot of people are unaware of. Damages can occur at different locations in your house if water is incapable of flowing away from your house.

We provide our Gutter Cleaning Services to the following cities & towns:

  • Baton Rouge
  • Denham Springs
  • Geismar
  • Lake Charles
  • Prairieville
  • Zachary

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Clogged gutters can cause a lot of damage to landscaping, walls, lawn and shrubbery, foundation, basement, as well as the existing gutter system. This is why these channels should be clean at all times. In maintaining gutters, you should have all the materials needed available before starting work.

It is imprudent to stop to look for a tool you need. You can use water to raise your gutter to prevent build up. Most home repair experts suggest that you perform this task at least twice each year to prevent water damage.

There are a lot of reasons as to why having your gutter cleaned out is very important, and below are six of them.

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Six Reasons To Clean Your Gutters

prairieville gutter cleaning service

Roof Damage

When water starts flooding over as a result of your gutters being clogged with muck, debris, and leaves, your roofing can be affected and damaged. This is one of the main reasons that it’s paramount to have your gutters cleaned out regularly.

Keep Out Pests

A clogged up gutter can be endearing to various critters to nest out. Birds, mosquitoes among other domestic critters, find a bed of damp leaves quite appealing. A clean gutter will never be a site that will inhabit unwanted pests.

Damage to Fascia

The board that runs behind the gutter is called a fascia, and overflowing water can cause damage to this board, which is an essential part of your gutter system.

Overwatering Garden Beds

When your gutters are clogged, and it starts causing water to be spilled over the side and into your garden beds, this can kill your plants by drowning them. Overwatering has the same negative effect as not watering enough does.

Cracks in Foundation

Since clogged gutters limit the flow of water, water can pool along with your home’s foundation, and then freezes, thereby causing cracks in your foundation.

Damage to Brackets

Damage can happen to brackets if gutters are clogged as clogged gutters hold a lot of weight.

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