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Landscape Lighting

Our Professional LED Outdoor Lighting Services

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You have a substantial investment in your home, landscaping and outdoor living spaces. Nothing impacts your entire Baton Rouge property more than professional outdoor, landscape lighting. 

How can you do this?

  • Enhance the architectural details of your home.
  • Accent the shadows and textures of your landscaping.
  • Improve the safety of walk ways and steps.
  • Expand your outdoor living spaces for nighttime enjoyment.
  • All the above.

The Energy Independence Act passed by Congress in 2007 mandates the use of energy efficient LED lights. Our exclusive LED product line offers the following benefits:

  • Our LED lamps use only 4.5 watts of energy to generate the same light output of a conventional 35 watt incandescent bulb.
  • Our LED bulbs last 10 times longer than incandescent bulbs.
  • The light clarity and accuracy of our LED lights is consistent over its life span of 10 – 15 years. In contrast, within 1 year incandescent bulbs are subject to what is known as lumen depreciation. This is defined as the gradual dimming and discoloration of the bulbs output.

As an example, a typical landscape lighting installation has 25 conventional 35 watt incandescent fixtures. In 10 years these incandescent bulbs will be replaced at least 5 times, at a cost of $25 per fixture. Over a 10 tear period lamp replacement costs alone would total a minimum of $3125.

In contrast, the LED bulbs would not be replaced in this same 10 year period. Is it not obvious that Preaux Wash has the best lights around?

The energy consumed over this same 10 year span, based on an average of 6 hours of usage per day, is over $3000 based on an average energy cost of X per kilowatt hour.

The benefits of LED are clear: Energy savings, lower replacement costs, and impressive appearance!

We provide our Landscape Lighting Services to the following cities & towns:

  • Baton Rouge
  • Denham Springs
  • Geismar
  • Lake Charles
  • Prairieville
  • Zachary

If you’re not sure, just give us a call at (205) 306-9625

Baton Rouge Landscape Lighting Services

Lighting Renewal & Repair

You have invested in an outdoor lighting system or perhaps it was installed years before you moved in. How are they looking or performing?

  • Are some of the bulbs burned out and are others dim and yellow?
  • Have wires or fixtures been damaged from landscaping?
  • Are steps and walkways safely illuminated?
  • Have you added outdoor living spaces – a deck, fire pit or patio?
  • Are your fixtures properly located now that your landscaping has matured?

Give us a call and we’ll give you a FREE lighting inspection!

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Our Top Sellers for Landscape Lighting

landscape path lights

Up Light

Designed to last a lifetime, our signature LED fixture is a true workhorse, weighing in at over 2.5 pounds of solid cast brass. Elegant and refined, the antiqued bronze finish tastefully blends into the finest of landscapes.

The 3″x9″ poly stake secures this fixture in the ground. Our connection is not only shrink wrapped, but we also keep the connection inside the fixture. We install a “bug plug” at the base of the fixture to make certain insects never try to make a home in our light. We also use industrial silicone to seal the bottom of the fixture to protect against water.

We chose a thick stainless steel bolt to hold the fixture together for added strength. Simply stated, this light is the most beautiful, durable, and practical light in the industry today.

Path Light

Our newest integrated path light is the perfect combination of strength and beauty. Once you get your hands on this light, you can feel the quality. The light spread is simply amazing. This light will give you an 8′ spread in each direction from the fixture itself.

Deck Light

Intergrade LED with antiqued virgin brass fixture,12′ #18 gauge lead wire, 3 pcs of Stainless steel plates for pre-construction, retro, or wood deck or steps.

The LED is built into the fixture to give the greatest light output without any glare. We sealed the fixture to be IP67 rated. The applications for this fixture continue to grow as experienced lighting designers become familiar with this light.

We Offer Free Nighttime Lighting Demonstrations!

We would love to have a conversation with you, followed by a nighttime demonstration so you can see your home and property in a whole new light. Bring your imagination to life and schedule your lighting demonstration so you can see what you are missing!

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